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We love pets and are enthusiastic about sharing everything about them. From dogs to snakes, Zoollery has a wide collection of blogs helping you learn all about your new pet, or answering your general questions while trying to find the correct one. We believe all pets are man’s best friend, and a little guide about them would surely come in handy.

Zoollery offers practical, real-life tips, and advice to help you understand your pet better. We have your pet’s best interests at heart. We always try to make sure pet owners buy the right product for their pets. Our writers are dedicated, pet owners and enthusiasts who research and try every product before recommending them.

We are an affiliate website, trying to make a change in the way you take care of your pet. Trying to put your pet’s needs before you, is one of our motives. We would love if you want to be a part of our community and share knowledge with us. You can join us by submitting your animal-related guest posts on our website.

Being a know-it-all about your pet is difficult, but we are here to make your task a little bit easy.

About the Author

Astha Gupta, from a very tender age, is fond of animals. A die heart animal lover, who loves to explore some amazing facts leading to their naturally beautiful world.
Mingling with these fellow beings in day to day life, sharing some unknown yet purest bonds has given her some memorable and beautiful experiences.
A true supporter of welfare for protection and conservation of animals, strictly against animal hunting and abuse.
Here an initiative to gather and bring together some meaningful information about the diverse ways of petting, some real facts about the inhabitants of the animal kingdom and sharing it amidst the people who believe in contributing little affection for them.

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