what animal lives the longest on land

What animal lives the longest on land?

The animal that lives the longest on land is Aldabra tortoise that has a lifespan of 250 years. Adwaita, one of the giant tortoises, died in the Alipore Zoological Garden of Calcutta. He had a tremendous lifespan which made him the longest living species in the animal kingdom. Adwaita lived in captivity and recorded to be the longest surviving animal on the land.

Among the 4 tortoises, brought to India by British sailors from the Seychelle islands as a gift for Lord Robert Clive of the East India Company, Adwaita lived the longest and made history. Advaita was one of the earliest known animal that lives the longest on land. Weighing 250 kg (551 lb), Adwaita was a solitary animal with no records of his progeny. He lived on a diet of wheat bran, carrots, lettuce, soaked gram (chickpea), bread, grass, and salt. 

His shell cracked in the year 2005 and the wound developed beneath the shell. The wound caught an infection and made him sick. Finally, in the year 2006, the species died due to illness. However, Adwaita had a brilliant lifespan and showed good signs of living during his whole lifetime.

What determines the lifespan of a species?

An in-depth analysis of a large number of case studies has shown that the survival of inhabitants in a specific environment is majorly confined to their surroundings and living conditions. 

1. One of the factors which highly dominates the fact is how the animal’s body generates energy through its ability to absorb raw materials like oxygen and food. Therefore, the better the body can process oxygen, nutrients, heat generation, the longer the animal will live.

2. This is further supported by how the animal’s heart functions. After the energy is processed, nutrients and oxygen will enter the bloodstream and is pumped throughout the body so that the body can function perfectly. The bigger the mass index of the body, the more blood is required in the circulation of the body which demands a better heart to function properly. Therefore, a good heart is needed for better survival of the species.

3. Another factor that influences the rate of survival of a species is adapting to its environment. The habitat and living surroundings of the species majorly control the survival of creatures. Therefore adapting and settling down according to their surroundings is a must for the species to live longer.

Animals that lives a longer lifespan:

Here are some species, which are currently fighting for their battle of survival and still alive or died recently making a record of being able to live to the longest.

Tui Malila reached an age of 188 years:

Tui Malla is a Madagascar radiated tortoise who was 188 years old

This species attained a brilliant age of 188 years and has been one of the animals that lives the longest on land. Born in 1777, the species died in the year 1965. He belonged to the species of radiated Tortoise and was last witnessed in the Royal Palace of Tonga.

Jonathan is still fighting the battle of survival:

Jonathan has become one of the longest living species on land

This tortoise belongs to the breed of Seychelles Giant Tortoise. Born in 1832, the tortoise is still fighting for his survival and will turn 188 in the year 2020, and has become the animal which lives the longest on land. Jonathan has a highly nutritional diet and is fed with apples, carrots, cucumber, banana and guava that make him stronger and tougher.

Harriet lived 175 years

Harriet, the Galapagos tortoise lived for up to 175 years

Harriet is a Galapagos tortoise who generally lives for 80-120 years. However, this species survived even much longer and reached the age of 175 years. He was last found in Beerwah, Queensland, Australia.


Geoduck is a clam with a lifespan of 160 years

Geoduck has a typical lifespan of 160 years. However, some of them have survived the battle for even more. Like the clams, which mostly have shells, these species have a small shell compared to its soft body, which cannot retract into the shell. They are the natives to the west coast of North America. They are one of the largest burrowing clams and also one of the animal that lives the longest on land.

Eastern Box Turtle reached 138 years of age:

The Eastern Box Turtle is recorded to have a maximum reached an age of 138 years.

The Eastern Box Turtle is recorded to have a maximum reached an age of 138 years. They are natives to the Southern US. They have an average weight of 1.5lbs.

Mediterranean Spur-Thighed Tortoise lives for 127 years: 

Spur Thigh tortoise have a lifespan of 130 years

These species have an amazing lifespan of around 120-130 years. They are the residents of the Mediterranean region. They have an average weight of 1.5lbs. 

Tuatara can reach an age of 100 years:

Tuatara is another beautiful creature that typically lives for 60-100 years.

This species is another beautiful creature that typically lives for 60-100 years. However, some of them have been found to live for about 100 years of age, making them one of the animal that lives the longest on land. These are spiny reptiles that have a .similar appearance as lizards. Tuataras enjoy cool weather whereas lizards like it warm. They are healthy creatures, generally with males larger than females.

The oldest gorilla survived 61:

Western lowland gorillas are a subspecies native to Congo Basin and are most widespread among all the species of the gorilla.

Their lifespan in the wild ranges from 30-40years while in captivity they can survive for about 50 years or beyond.

Colo survived the battle and finally died at the age of 61 making history. Colo is recorded to be the longest living zoo-born gorilla.

The longest living albatross lived 68:

Wisdom has broken the record and become the oldest living bird species

Albatross survive up to the age of 50 years or more. The longest living albatross in the US and one of the world’s oldest known wild birds is an Albatross named Wisdom. 

Wisdom recorded to live the age of 68 years and is one of the animal species that lives the longest on land. She broke the record as the longest surviving bird of its species. The bird continued to lay down eggs for during her old age also. 

The oldest living elephants:

The average lifespan of an elephant in the mid-50s, however, some have fought the battle of making it to the 80s also. Lin Wang, an Asian Elephant died at the age of 86. He made a Guinness record of making it to the longest living elephant in captivity.

Dakshyani, an elephant in the Chengallur Mahadeva Temple of Kerala also died at the age of 86 and recorded one of the longest living elephant species.

Oldest cockatoo is over 100 years old

Fred, a sulfur crested Cockatoo in Tasmania, Australia is now 104.

Cockatoo belongs to the parrot subfamily a Cacatuidae. Their average lifespan is 60, but some of them have hit centuries and survived for longer periods. 

Fred, a sulfur crested Cockatoo in Tasmania, Australia is now 104. Another Australian sulfur-crested cockatoo known as Rocky Benett lived 120 years of age until 1916. A cockatoo named Cookie is also famous for its longevity and recorded to live for 83 years at Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago.

Brandt’s Bat Lifespan:

Brandt's bats are small in size with a lifespan of 41 years

Brandt’s bats are small in size and found in larger numbers in groups. However, they have a lifespan of 41 years. The bats live extraordinarily more years than the average lifespan of other species of bats, which makes them one of the species in the animal kingdom who lives the longest on land.

Western Gorilla Lifespan:

Western Gorillas have a lifespan of 35 years

Western Gorillas have a lifespan of 35 years. Gorillas mature slowly and breed late. Their mating age is when they become 9-10 years. Females give birth at the age of 10 years. They produce offspring every four years. 


Tigers can survive till an age of 14 years

Tigers have a high mortality rate. Most of the tigers die before the age of one. The infant mortality rate of tigers is 50%. They can survive around the age of 14 years. Some tigers have made it a little far too. Tigers a16re the species of wild. But for human needs, they are also hunted down and their population is falling at a constant rate. These tigers need to be protected or they would soon fall under the category of endangered.

Lowland Tapir:

Tapir is one of the animal species that lives the longest on land with a lifespan of 35 years

The tapir has a lifespan of 35 years. These are the species of wild. They are not aggressive but if teased they could be defensive. They may look like a meal for big cats but are rarely taken.


We saw that the Adwaita, the Aldabra Tortoise live the longest on land with a marvellous lifespan of 250 years. 

Every creature of the universe has a way of living. Most animals have adapted themselves according to their living conditions. However, a lot of other factors also influence their survival. Some of the active factors include their heart rate, adapting to their habitat and their food and fodder.

Other factors are external. They include:

1. Climatic changes

2.Natural disasters

3. Human interference

4. Predators

These are some externally controlling key points that determine the life expectancy of animals.

Concluding, what lies in our hands should be made a priority to protect the ecosystem. Even a small step could contribute a life for this flora and fauna. 

Climatic changes not only affect the glaciers to melt or rise in temperatures but also affects these species directly or indirectly. Save energy now. Refuse plastics. Stop being greedy and be selfless for a while, save the planet.

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