7 amazing facts of petting a Psittacula Parakeet!

Petting a Psittacula Parakeet can be an amazing experience for you and they can be purely fun-loving pets. These parakeets are affectionate, intelligent, and smart. They are friendly, interactive and if taken well care of, they can live for a longer time. Let me highlight some key points that you as pet owners should take care of.  

Petting a psittacula parakeet
Psittacula Parakeet

1. What does a Psittacula Parakeet look like?

These parakeets are native to southeast Asia, with some species found in Africa. They fall under the category of parakeets, however, they differ from the Indian-Ring-necked Parrots in terms of size and feathering. These are dark green color large parakeets, with a dark ring feathering around their neck. They also have longer tails and a dark red sharp beak. 

2. The living environment required for petting a Psittacula Parakeet

These parakeets as a pet need a larger cage so that they can easily move around and fit in comfortably. They are larger in size, therefore a larger area is needed. Along with adequate moving space, provide them with a seating spot inside the cage. A rod or a swing to sit and sleep would be perfectly fine. Other than that, a flat area for sitting and eating is also essential. You can also keep the cage in a natural environment so that the bird enjoys the sunlight along with some greenery and fresh air. Therefore, if you are looking forward of petting a Psittacula Parakeet, make sure to fulfill the adequate living environment for your bird.

3. Feeding a Psittacula Parakeet

Mostly, parakeets are easy-going pets when it comes to feeding. A parakeet as a pet can eat all types of food that you cook at home on a regular basis. But for proper development of their bodies, you can feed them with seeds, pellets, juicy fruits, leafy vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts, beans, berries, corn, legumes( after soaking in water for some time). 

petting a psittacula parakeet
Seeds and Nuts
petting a psittacula parakeet
Juicy Fruits

They are even comfortable with cooked wheat grains or rice. You can also prefer shredded meat for protein supply in their body. You should keep in mind that all the items could be severely routinely and in rotations. They will take care of the proper nutritious diet and essential components. Also, do not feed them with too salty, sugary, and oily items; it is bad for their health. 

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4. Behavior and Temperament 

Petting a Psittacula can be a thrilling experience for you and your bird. Parakeets are small, friendly, intelligent, and fun-loving birds. As a pet, they are wonderful and loyal. If the bird is taken care of essentially from the very beginning and tender age, they grow up to be loyal and a best friend for their human buddy. 

Sometimes, at a certain period of time, they can be messy and can go aggressive. But take care of this behavior. Treating them in the same way and anger will do no good. Instead, the bird becomes more repulsive and defensive. Try to keep the situations calm and handle it patiently. It is preferable to handle aggressive birds in totally opposite way. That will help your bird to understand the soft behavior and eventually they understand that biting or being aggressive is of no use. 

Psittacula Prakeets

5. Is Psittacula Parakeet talkative?

The most delightful thing about petting a Psittacula Parakeet is their nonstop talkative nature. Yes, the Psittacula parakeet is excellent talkers. If you teach them words and phrases from a very tender age, they start picking up the words quickly. Eventually, they become wonderful talkers and can go on talking for a longer time. Providing an interactive environment is very important to build up the natural personality of your bird. A friendly environment boasts up the positive vibes all around and the pets become happy cheering up the whole arena. 

6. Common health conditions of a Psittacula Parakeet

Psittacula is relatively healthy birds; however, they are susceptible to polyomavirus, psittacosis, aspergillosis, and bacterial infections. Feeding them with the proper diet will avoid most of the health conditions. Also, hygiene is an essential element to keep them away from many infections. Cleaning their cage, to keep away from insect bites and bugs is also very important. Moreover, their body should always be hydrated. That is, water should always be there for them. This is how your pets tend to live a healthy and longer life. 

Apart from physical heath, petting a Psittacula parakeet also demands you to be attentive on their mental health. Therefore, healthy mental health is also a must. Otherwise, they go aggressive and indulge in nipping and biting due to sadness or frustration. That is the major factor why a bird should be given a positive and friendly environment.

7. Taming a Psittacula Parakeet

Teaching and making them learn tricks is an effort that can be time-consuming and needs lots of patience. Therefore, you need to start at a slower pace and try to make the bird comfortable with time. Always motivate your bird and praise them for achieving something. Indulge them in new activities and games. If they become aggressive, offer them some time and restart. But do not give up. Always be there for your bird in a friendly manner. She should trust you in any condition. Otherwise, parakeets feel lonely and avoided. They are attention seekers. Give them constant attention and keep checking on them. Be calm and gentle, she will get along. 

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Petting is a big responsibility and needs adequate efforts. Different pets demand to be treated differently. Understanding comes with time and patience. You need to take care of the smallest things for your pet. Believe me, initially it might be a little tough to get along with them but eventually becomes easy with time. Happy Petting

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