Tips to take care of your pets this quarantine


As the whole world fights the pandemic, there seems to be no sure answer as to when all this will end. Staying inside our homes and thinking twice before stepping outside all covered in masks and gloves has become the new normal. 

While we are trying to cope up with this deadly disease with all the social distancing and quarantine guidelines, pet parents have started to face a new difficulty. They are confused as to how they can keep their pets happy and away from the outside world. As the uncertainty prevails, it is necessary to take care of your pet this quarantine season.

Here are a few tips to keep your fluffy friend healthy and happy this quarantine season-

1. An adequate supply of pet essentials

Stocking up your pet essentials to take care of your pet this quarantine season

You should make sure that you have enough food, medications, and supplements for your pets, in case you cannot go out. To take care of your pet this quarantine season by stocking up essentials that would last up for a month. If you have a cat, make sure you have a good quality litter that would absorb all the odour and clump up easily. You can also stock up medicines like anti-parasite tablets, in case of any emergency.

2. Precautions while walking your dog

You need to take precautions while walking your dog this quarantine

While walking your dog, make sure you choose a place which is less crowded and more sterile. Avoid letting your dog sniff or lick any foreign material. However, you should try to avoid walking your dog outdoors and take care of your pet this quarantine period. Try to prepare alternatives. Set up a backyard potty so your dog knows where to go after stuffing up on treats. Stashing up pee pads is also a great idea and can save you from all the effort of wiping and cleaning.

3. Find Indoor games

take care of your pet this quarantine season

Keeping your pets entertained as well as healthy is necessary during this pandemic. Try setting up games in your backyard or balcony that you both can play. Short distance fetch, playing with their favourite toys, hide and seek, blowing bubbles for them to chase, and puzzle toys are some of the indoor games that will keep them entertained and healthy. To take care of your pet this quarantine season it is important that they eat their treats and remain healthy as well at the same time. You can calm your pet’s anxiety by grooming and petting them. 

4. Do not overfeed your pets

Do not overfeed your dogs this quarantine period

While staying home, humans have a tendency to get lazy and snack up more than usual. According to a recent survey by the BBC, at least 44% pets all over the world are obese and the figure keeps on rising. Try not to overfeed yourself and your pets. This is not only unhealthy for them in the long run, but can also lead to digestive issues needing immediate care. Since many states have implemented a total lockdown, finding a vet can be quite a task. So, it’s important that you take care of your pet this quarantine and watch your diet as well.

5. Take your pet to the vet

Take your pets to vet as soon as possible during this quarantine

There has been an outraging rumour to maintain social distance from your pets. However, according to the studies by the CDC, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the virus. Regardless of what pet you have, try to avoid their contact with foreign bodies, other pets, or people. To take care of your pet this quarantine period, make sure you reschedule your vet appointment and book it as soon as possible.

Quarantine is difficult for everybody. Staying in our houses with constant fear, for over a month has already been a nightmare. As pet parents, we are lucky we have a companion to help get us through the tough time easily. This is the time when we need those hugs and cuddles the most. Love your pets and take care of your pets this quarantine season, because it actually might be the most precious time of their lives.

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