Claws are an important part of the body for animals. They are used by carnivorous animals to catch and hold their prey. whereas, herbivores generally use their claws for self-defense, grooming, digging, as well as climbing trees. So, what animal has the longest claws in the animal kingdom?

The animal with the longest claws currently alive in the animal kingdom is the Giant Armadillo. It is 3 foot long and has the longest claws measuring nearly about 8 inches. Their claws are about 22% of their body length, which is probably the longest claw to body ratio of any animal.

Giant Armadillo is the animal with the longest claws

Some amazing facts about Giant Armadillo:

  • Giant Armadillo is the native to South America ranging throughout as far as Argentina. They belong to Xenanthra, which includes insect-eating, big clawed animals from American Tropics. 
  • Giant Armadillo uses their claws to defend themselves from predators. They reside in large burrows to escape themselves from hunters and predators.
  • Their bodies are dark brown, with lighter yellow bands running along their sides with a pale yellow-white head.
  • A fully grown Giant Armadillo can weigh around 18.7-32.5. Primarily, one of the specimens living in the wild weighed around 54KG. Animals living in captivity are healthy, they are treated with good and healthy food. One of the species of Giant Armadillo weighed around 80Kgs in captivity.
  • The species serves a great deal of meat and is a large source of protein for some indigenous people. A lot of species die in transportation as a result of trading and poaching
  • Most of their ancestral species are extinct. However, these creatures are also vulnerable to extinction. Therefore, the law in Columbia, Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Suriname, and Peru strictly protects them against hunting and trading

Which animal has the longest claws of all time?

Therizinosaurus nicknamed as ‘Scythe Lizard’ is the species with longest claws of all time with a length of 1 meter. These are the species of the time of dinosaurs who lived about 75 million ago.

The animal was a herbivore and fed usually on leafy plants. They used their long claws to defend themselves from their predators. 

The creature is still a mystery due to incomplete pieces of evidence and records.

List of animals with the longest claws:


Sloth is one of the animals with the longest claws up to 4 inches

The three-toed sloth hangs from rainforests trees is one of the animal with the longest claws that can reach about 10 centimetres or 4 inches with a body length of 23 inches. their claw to body ratio is 17%. These are the tree animals from Latin America 

The bigger two-toed sloth, which is about 27.5 inches (70 centimetres) long, is 14 percent claw. They marvellously use their claws for protection and defence against their predators.

Star Nosed Moles: 

Star nosed mole

These moles have the largest nails among all the species of the moles. Apart from their claws, they are famed for their big star-shaped nose which is an amazingly unique attraction. They use their nose for smelling, touching, sensing and hunting in darkness. Their claws are used for hunting down of species and as a defensive tool. They are the species of moles to live in colonies. These moles have a good number all around and their population is stable.

American Harpy Eagle:

American Harpy Eagle sitting on a tree

Harpy Eagles are one of the major contenders of animals with the longest claws that measure up to 4inches. They range from Central to North America.

Harpy Eagle has massive and really strong claws. They use the one extra-long talon at the back to grab its prey. Due to their strong and powerful feet, they can maintain a balanced while landing over the land during predation.


Cassowary roaming in a garden

The cassowary is one of the most dangerous birds that could even kill humans with their dagger-like sharp and strong claws.

They use their feet as weapons. Usually, they are wary of humans provoking them can cause severe injuries due to their defence. It is recommended to stay away from their chicks and family. Upsetting them doesn’t always eventuate with pleasant outcomes.


Badger is one of the animal with the longest claws of about 3 inches

Badger is one of the species with the sharpest and strongest measuring around 2-3 inches. They use them mainly for digging. Their claws serve the purpose of digging both in a forward and backward direction. Mostly Badgers are warm to humans but could become defensive if attacked. They dig up deep inside and hide themselves to escape at the time of danger.

Great Horned Owl: 

Great Horned Owl having 3 inches of claws which are one of the longest claws

Great Horned Owl is one of the most dangerous owls out there with sharpest claws ranging around 2-3 inches. They can even kill humans with their sharp claws. Stealing their eggs for having a healthy breakfast is not always the best idea and anyone caught in the act suffers from their attack. They are aggressive and disturbing them and their families do not go very handy.

Grizzly Bear:

Grizzly bear with claws up to 4 inches

Grizzly Bears have amazingly sharp claws measuring around 4 inches. Their sharp claws help them to predate easily and swipe salmon across the water effortlessly. They can master up in digging up rodents and insects from the trees very easily. Staying away from these species is the best idea due to their sharp and long claws which could cause major injuries.


Nature has uniquely created it’s fellow beings by gifting them with their own respective unique body kind and structure. The one we saw have been blessed with the sharpest and longest claws which help them in the protection of their predators while also helping them in hunting down their prey.

Noting down the facts, we conclude that some of the species have amazingly longest claws while others have the strongest and most powerful.

The Harpy Eagle is identified to have the strongest claws of all the creatures.

All these evidence and ultimate creations of the ecosystem add up to the beauty of their kind. By marking out these marvellous creations of nature makes me curious of else could nature has gifted its fellow beings for which they’re blessed and battling for their victory of survival.