Giraffes, well known for being the tallest terrestrial animal also takes away the fame with its outrageously long and beautiful eyelashes. While giraffes feed on plants, the major challenge they face is getting pricked up in their eyes by branches of trees. The eyelashes help them a sense if they are getting too close to the thorny branches.

Giraffes have the longest eyelashes in the animal kingdom
  • Giraffes are natives to Africa and are the tallest terrestrial animals. They are the largest ruminants with a tall neck and longest feet.
  • They can run as fast as 35 miles per hour for shorter distances and 10mph over long distances.
  • Giraffes spend a major percent of their life standing. Even they sleep and give birth standing.
  • All the species of giraffes have a distinct pattern and texture. No two giraffes look alike.
  • Both male and female giraffes have hair-covered horns called ossicones which they use for fighting other giraffes.
  • Making various attempts fighting their enemies to protect their calves, they are spotted by other wild animals of the wild and are killed at a tender age.
  • Giraffes can live for nearly 3 weeks without drinking even a drop of water. They consume gallons of water at once which satisfies their thirst for a longer period.
  • The fact that giraffes do not make sounds is a misconception. Giraffes, snort, hiss and sometimes make low pitch noises that are out of human range.

Here were some amazing facts about giraffes. Let’s list down some animals who have beautiful long eyelashes.

Animals having longest eyelashes


Cows have long and beautful eye;ashes attracting everybody

Cows are one of the species having brilliant eyelashes and never fails to attract with its beauty.

All cows are female, males are the bulls. Before having her first, it is called a heifer, after it becomes a cow.

There are 800 different kinds of breeds of cows worldwide. Cows are herbivores and never eat meat or animal flesh. They have a strong sense of smell and can detect odour up to six miles.

These creatures are sacred and purest animals. A cow chews for about 8hours a day and lies down for about 10 hours. 


Gazelles are natives and roam around Savannas of Africa. This animal has the prettiest and fabulous eyelashes. They are thin antelopes and resembles deers and belong to the same family of goats, cattle, and sheep. Gazelles have a coated with tan or reddish fur with white rumps.

They have spots or stripes on their coats. Their light frames make them active and can escape better from predators.


Bunny with long and beautiful eyelashes

Rabbits have an angle of 360 degrees which is due to their fluffy eyebrows. They can also turn their ears 180 degrees around pointing to the exact location of the sound. Rabbits live in groups and enjoy the company of each other and can turn out to be sad and unhappy if kept on their own.



These dogs are adorable and fluffy ones with their prettiest eyebrows. They have their unconditional love and they share it all around. You’ll fall in love with them after playing with them. They are forever loyal and fully devoted to their human friend.


These species often look attractive under their woolly coats. The animal has one of the longest and prettiest eyelashes. They are often confused with llamas. Alpacas are natives to Peru but are found in most of the parts around the world. They usually feed on pasture grass, hay and supplements protein which they normally try to chew and mix it with their cud and saliva and swallow it. Currently, they are present in good numbers around the globe.

Birds having the longest eyelashes:

Common Ostrich:

Ostriches have long and attractive eyelashes

The common ostrich has a long neck and large eyes with around 2inches of long and prettiest eyelashes.

These species are natives to savanna and deserts of Southern and Central Africa. The Egyptians used Ostrich feathers for trading purposes. In addition, the royal outfits of king and knights were made by them.

Indian Gray Hornbill:

Indian Grey Hornbill

The bird species are the natives to the Indian subcontinent through the foothills of Himalayas. The bird mostly resides on trees and often get down for migration. The birds are predominantly long up to 24inches. They are grey-brown and has red irises with eyelids and are one of the popular animal with long eyelashes.

The blue-fronted Amazon Parrot:

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot also known as ‘turquoise fronted Amazon’ or ‘the blue-fronted parrot’. The parrot is a pet to many and is popular for its large variety of color combinations. The blue-fronted parrots have black eyelashes above their eyes.

Southern Ground Hornbill:

Southern Ground Horn bill with its long and pretty eyelashes

Southern ground hornbills are native to African Savannas below the equator. They have short legs, broad feet, brightly colored expandable throat and pretty long eyelashes. The indigenous people use these species for their medical use. Subsequently, their population is declining at a tremendous rate.

Secretary Bird:

Secretary bird

The secretary bird, native to Africa is mostly a terrestrial bird of prey. They are the natives to the open grasslands of Savannah of the sub- Saharan region.

The bird has an eagle-like body on crane legs which increases the bird’s height. These are charming with beautiful feathers, head with yellow patch along with long and attractive eyelashes.


The charm of these embracing species boosted up by the features given to them by nature. Different species use it for different purposes. Some use them for sensing the distance of bushes while eating whereas others use them to protect their eyes.

The beauty of these eyelashes is often attractive and appreciated by many.