Eyelashes are one of the most attractive features when it comes to humans or even animals. These fine hairs that grow on eyelids are often regarded as an emphasis on beauty, but their primary function is to protect our eyes from dust, debris, or sand. They also help animals to recognize when something might cause harm to their eyes, and force shut the eyelids. So, what animal has the longest eyelashes in the animal kingdom?

Giraffes have the longest eyelashes in the animal kingdom. The tallest terrestrial animal has outrageously long and beautiful eyelashes. Giraffes are herbivore animals and feed on plants and trees. One of the major challenges they face is getting pricked up in their eyes by branches of trees. Their eyelashes help them sense if they are getting too close to the thorny branches.

Giraffe has the longest eyelashes in the animal kingdom

Giraffes are natives to Africa and are the tallest terrestrial animals. They are the largest ruminants with a tall neck and one of the longest feet. They can run as fast as 35 miles per hour for shorter distances and 10mph over long distances. They spend a major percent of their life standing. They stand even while sleeping and giving birth.

Giraffes long eyelashes not only make them pretty but also help keep the sun and the sand out of their eyes. They have pretty full eyelashes which protect them from prickly trees. Giraffes can live for nearly 3 weeks without drinking even a drop of water. They consume gallons of water at once which satisfies their thirst for a longer period.

Other animals with long eyelashes


Cows also have long eyelashes making them look very attractive

Cows are one of the species that have brilliant eyelashes and they never fail to attract us with its beauty.

There are 800 different kinds of breeds of cows worldwide. Cows are herbivores and survive on plants, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. They have a strong sense of smell and can detect odor up to six miles. A cow chews for about 8hours a day and lies down for about 10 hours. These creatures are considered sacred and pure in some cultures.


Gazelles are one of the animals in the animal kingdom with long eyelashes.

Gazelles are natives and roam around Savannas of Africa. This animal has one of the prettiest and fabulous eyelashes. They are thin antelopes that resemble deers and belong to the same family of goats, cattle, and sheep. Gazelles are coated with tan or reddish fur with white rumps.

They have spots or stripes on their coats. Their light skeletal frame makes them active and can easily escape from predators.


Rabbits have long, beautiful eyelashes.

Rabbits are one of the cuddliest and low maintenance pets. Rabbits live in groups and enjoy the company of each other and can turn out to be sad and unhappy if kept on their own. Being America’s 12th most popular pet, rabbits have long luscious eyelashes, along with their soft fur.


Cockapoo dogs have pretty and long eyelashes

These dogs are adorable and fluffy, with one of the prettiest eyelashes. Cockapoo are friendly creatures with lots of love to share. They have long and full eyelashes that slope downwards. At times this might obstruct their view, and you have to cut them short.


Alpacas are one of the animals with long and beautiful eyelashes

Alpacas look attractive under their woolly coats. The animal has one of the longest and prettiest eyelashes. They are often confused with llamas. Alpacas are natives to Peru but are found in most of the parts around the world.

Alpacas long eyelashes aren’t just for show but perform som very important functions. Eyelashes protect these large-eyed animals. The thick lashes are extremely sensitive to touch and warn of objects in the vicinity of the eye. They act similar to the whiskers of a cat.

Alpacas usually feed on pasture grass, hay, and supplements protein which they normally try to chew and mix it with their cud and saliva and swallow it. Currently, they are present in good numbers around the globe.

Birds that have the longest eyelashes:

Common Ostrich:

Ostriches have the longest eyelashes in the bird kingdom

The common ostrich is the largest birds in the world, with a pair of eyes measuring 5 centimeters in diameter. Ostriches not only have the largest eyes in the bird kingdom, but also the longest eyelashes. An ostriches eye is five times bigger than a human eye, and are protected by long luscious eyelashes. These eyelashes prevent sand and debris from entering their eyes. Ostriches have a nictitating membrane, which acts as a windscreen wiper keeping their eyes moist as well as clean.

Indian Gray Hornbill:

Indian Grey Hornbill have long and beautiful eyelashes.

The Indian Gray Hornbill is a predominantly grey-brown color bird. they have red irises, along with eyelids and pretty long eyelashes. These bird species are the natives to the Indian subcontinent. The bird usually lives in pairs, and migrate to the colder regions during summer and rainy seasons.

The blue-fronted Amazon Parrot:

The blue fronted amazon parrots have beautiful black eyelashes.

The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot is popular for its large variety of color combinations. The blue-fronted parrots have long black eyelashes above their eyes. Long eyelashes on an Amazon parrot are a visual of a healthy and stress-free parrot. Blue-fronted parrots who have a good and a healthy diet, and live a stress-free life, often have long and black eyelashes that look beautiful along with their turquoise color.

Southern Ground Hornbill:

Southern Ground horrnbills have beautiful and long eyelashes.

Southern ground hornbills are the largest species of hornbills on the earth. This turkey-size bird has jet black feathers, bright yellow eyes, and a red throat. The southern ground hornbills have fine feathers for eyelashes. These birds have shorter legs, broad feet, and do not fly.

Secretary Bird:

Secretary birds have long and beautiful eyelashes

The secretary birds are generally found in Sub-Saharan Africa. These large birds usually feed on snakes and other small creatures. The secretary bird has long and luscious eyelashes, which are actually small modified feathers. Their eyelashes start to grow when they are just three weeks old.

These beautiful and attractive birds do fly, but they prefer staying on the ground. They are also known as the “devil’s horse’ due to their speed on the ground.


Animals just like humans have different uses of eyelashes. While some might use it to protect themselves from thorns of trees, others would use them to protect their eyes and keep them clean.

To sum it up, Giraffe has the longest eyelashes in the animal kingdom and Ostrich has the longest eyelashes among all the bird species.